On behalf of the Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition’s Underage Drinking taskforce, we would like to thank you for your interest in keeping our kids safe and sober.

Two of the major problems we face when trying to reduce underage drinking in Palm Beach County are: Easy access to alcohol and attitudes and beliefs of teens and adults.

The 877 MEANS 21 tip line was set up to help our community overcome both of these obstacles. By reporting anyone who buys for, sells to or provides alcohol to those under 21, we are send a message to the community that underage drinking and the costly consequences that come with it will not be tolerated.

Did you know that alcohol kills more teens than ALL other drugs combined?  So where are the kids getting the alcohol? A recent survey tells us:

· 11.4% bought it themselves from a store               · 39% had someone just give it to them
· 15% had someone buy it for them                          · 2.9% bought it at a club or bar

And where are they drinking?
· At another person’s home (54%)                            · Their own home (19%)
· Restaurant, bar or club (6%)                                   · Public Place (6%)




By reporting a store who is selling alcohol to those under 21 or reporting a person buying alcohol for those under 21 or a party where under aged drinkers are present, you are helping keep our community safe and may just be saving a young person's life.

For more information on drug and alcohol prevention or tips on how to throw an alcohol free party, please visit the Coalition main web site by clicking here.


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